Masonic Sounds is the recording studio of Dr. John Wyrick (aka Johnny Walker) at The Lodge. 2" and 1' tape machines and a 64 channel Neotek board. Multiple environments.

Come and record with us!  We are located just 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati and are currently booking for next months studio sessions.

Our studio, Masonic Sounds,  is the recording studio of Dr. John Wirick (aka Johnny Walker) of Soledad Brothers fame and folklore. The 3000 sq/ft masonic ceremony chamber has been renovated for both analog and digital audio recording.

Rent by the hour, day or week. Our rates can't be beat!

Email for availability.

We also make music videos here at The Lodge as well. Check out videos and music recorded here below.

Eric Nally recently recorded this video below at The Lodge. Eric is currently supporting his new album on tour with Macklemore.

Walk the Moon: Boasts about the Lodge

James Leg recording of "Above My Head" from the album "Below The Belt" for Alive! Records at The Lodge (July 2015)

Shellshag"90s problem" from the album "Why did we have to get so high" recorded at The Lodge (January 2015)

The Killtones   "Die Young" From the album "RAW.ANIMALS.DANCE" (July 2014)