Bands that have graced the Lodge with their presence:

The Kills, Ben Miller Band, James Leg, Detroit Cobras, Walk the Moon, The Soledad Brothers, The Jacuzzi Boys, Pujol,          The Black Belles, The Murder Junkies, Those Darlins, Adia Victoria, The Killtones, ShellShag, The Trash Boys,                   Birdie Hearse, Ohio Knife, The DAAP Girls, The Spurzz, Filament, The Heartless Bastards, OBNOX, Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, The Buffalo Killers, Natural Child, The Cut in the Hill Gang, The Jellyhearts, Bob Log, Wonky Tonk, Funky Tong (Nomad), Mardou, Vacation, ExtraOcular, Andrew Higley, David Fridmann, Michael Ivins, The Lions Rampant, Me or the Moon, Sparklebomb, Alex York, Matthew Shelton, The Guitars, All Seeing Eyes, Henry and June, The Basement Benders, Loony Toons, Ruby Throat, The Hooten Hollers, Diane Coffee, The Curls, The Phasmids, The Buffalo Killers, Olivia Jean, Royal Holland, Wussy...                                      

Visual Artists that have contributed to The Lodge:

Emily Sites, Five, Matthew Dayler, Robby Burgess, Jules Itzkoff, Sara Gelbert, Jessie Cundiff, Gamble, Matthew Shelton, Scott E. Wood, Shane Hatfield, Amanda Bowman, Hayes Shanesy, Jennifer Hoffman, Andrew Tremblay, Lauren Mancini, Elliot Gress, Justin Toland, Alex York, Dan Buckley, Sara Gelbert, Ava,           




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